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Style capturing sessions, academic work and musical performances

Style capturing session, July 2015, Recife

We organised a whole week capturing session of Brazilian guitar in studio Grava, Recife, with Giordano Cabral, François Pachet and Mathieu Ramona.

Soirée musicale franco-brésilienne, July 2015, Recife

We organised a concert and a technological performance in Café Aujourd'hui Recife.

IJCAI 2015 - July 2015, Buenos Aires, Argetina

We presented the results of our first style capturing sessions, videos and a live demo of the ReChord system during the 24th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence - IJCAI 2015 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The ReChord system exploits our style capture recording to generate guitar tracks automatically and in real time.

Porto Musical - February 2015, Recife

We participated in Porto Musical 2015 in Recife, for a four-days workshop of recording sessions of Brazilian musicians.

Porto de Galinhas - February 2015, Porto de Galinhas

We carried out a whole week session of Brazilian guitar style capturing in Porto de Galinhas (Recife), with François Pachet and Giordano Cabral. Felipe Caligario and João Tragtenberg, members of the Mustic research group participated to the sessions as well.